9 Tips To Improve Your Health At The Office

9 Tips To Improve Your Health At The Office

| July 23, 2020
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Our health is important -- as we age, we find this to be true! 

When at work we may find ourselves so focused on work we forget ourselves, working at a desk for hours at a time before getting up from our chair.   Oh and then the groans occur as our bodies protest about the change in position!

What are ways we can improve our health at work?  I brought this question to our team to learn what they do to improve their health at the office (working remote or back to the office), and learned there are many different ways! 

What our team recommends

I work remotely and find that a daily workout before work helps me get in the right frame of mind.  My chair is one of those ball chairs -- it sits on a wheeled carriage to resemble an office chair -- it has no back, and it reminds/helps me sit up straighter and engages my abdominals.  Plus if some good music comes on, there is a bouncing option with this kind of chair! LOL.  I have a tendency to stay seated for hours at a time and have alarms set on my phone--seriously, a reminder to get up and move around for at least 5 minutes.  This does help me refocus -- which is sometimes greatly needed! 

I took a class on this topic.  Here were some of my take-aways from the class:  Get up and move often.  Stretch.  Go for a walk.  Do push-ups.  Get a headset so you can walk and talk.  Eat healthy snacks.  

Get up and walk around.  Drink more water.  Plus it makes a difference when you love the people you work with.  

Use a treadmill desk. 

I try to take mini-breaks:  get up, stretch, get water.  If the stress does get too much for me, I can always schedule a massage at the Spa next door to me during lunch. 

Take water breaks and try to get 250 steps in each hour! 

Get up and move.  Drink water.  Eat a healthy lunch.  Eat less as not burning calories. 

Count your blessings.  Get up and move.  Count your steps.  Smile. 

Some healthy habits are starting the day by: drinking a glass of lemon water, or water with a shot of apple cider vinegar.  Eating a balanced diet at meal time.  A 30-second workout that suits you at the top of the hour like holding a plank, jumping rope, or jumping jacks.  Lastly, tell yourself positive affirmations because You Are The Best!

Finding the balance

As you can see, we all have our ways of improving our health at the office.  Follow our recommendations or find something that you will commit to! It's about taking a step everyday to do something for yourself. Start with one new habit -- replace one cup of coffee or soda with a cup of water.  Every little change could improve your health.  And there is no better time to start, than today! 

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