8 Items Not Allowed at TSA

8 Items Not Allowed at TSA

| January 20, 2020

Recently I traveled to our office's annual kickoff meeting in Cleveland, OH.  Outside of the drastic weather change -- from sunny and 71 degrees to snowing/windy and 32 degrees -- total shock to the system! Talk about reenacting Renee Zellweger's transition from the warm airport out into the arctic blast in "New In Town" (2009)!

Over the years, we have learned what to wear and what not to wearwhen flying (and it's even more "amusing" when there is a personal experience)! Most often, we remember what we can wear, but sometimes, we forget or do not even think about it prior to heading through the airport to security. 

Here's our top list of what NOT to wear or bring through security.

1)  Anything with metallic thread.  This one we discovered yesterday!  Two coworkers learned this the hard way -- one had metallic thread design on their favorite pair of jeans, and another was wearing a lovely pair of colorful, comfortable multi-colored pair of Sketchers, both caused quite a stir at TSA.   Metallic thread items ---leave those at home!

2) Lovely sequined sweaters or outfits.  Like pat downs? Wear these through security and you will guarantee extra attention and hopefully not miss your flight!

3) Complicated shoe wear.  This fashion choice can be brutal if there is a lengthy line in security.  Keep the friends and travel mates happy, wait to wear the multi-buckle and zipper boots after you have reached your destination! No one enjoys being held up!

4) Metal items.  Think bracelet, watch, belt buckle, coins in your pocket, etc.  Forgetting to remove these items from your person will delay the security line and will get you a little extra attention.  Even historical souvenirs like empty bullet casings will definitely get you a private screening.  And let's not even think about bringing anything that could be viewed as a weapon.  

5) Bottled drinks.  Just do not try to bring in a bottled drink--even if it is unopened.  If you do, just know it will not pass.  You would do better to throw your dollars in the trash, because that is where your full bottled drink is headed when you forget it is in your bag.

6) Honey and Peanut Butter.  Any container that is over 3.4oz will be confiscated.  Yes, these items are still considered to be a liquid! Even a snow globe falls in this category! It has to be less than 3.4oz to be able to bring it on the plane.  Ship them to your final destination.

7) Candy with aluminum/metal wrappers will get a closer inspection.  One of our own was bringing snacks and her bag was searched!

8) Hairspray cans also must be the travel size else you will be dealing with unkempt hair on your trip!

If you forget what the rules and regulations are, do not worry -- the TSA team are always able to help you! LOL. We hope you learn from some of our mistakes here and are able to have a smooth TSA security check experience! 

If you have other suggestions/experiences -- please share! We would love to hear from you!