7 Tips To Get Your Motorcycle Ready For Spring

7 Tips To Get Your Motorcycle Ready For Spring

| March 27, 2021

Nice Weather +  Open Road =  MOTORCYCLE

Winter to Spring

I know with spring finally here, we are ready to jump on and go.  (Its been a long winter.)  But before you do, think about this:  Yeah, it’s been a long winter for you, but it’s also been a long winter for the bike too.

Spring Checklist

So it is important to take a few precautions before heading up the road. Make a spring checklist. You always want to check:

  • Any visible wires, cables and hoses (The little rodents love to chew on those.). 
  • The brakes and tires, including rims. (The cold weather and moisture can put some wear and tear on those.)
  • All your lights, head lights, tail lights, brake lights, and blinkers.
  • The fluids.  (New oil is preferred for best performance; an oil change is definitely recommended.) Check the coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, hydraulic clutch fluid and the fork oil (especially if you want that smooth ride).
  • The gas. (Hopefully, it was drained at the end of the season; if not, it should be.) Start with clean gas, you can also use the brand Sea Foam to clean the carburetor.
  • Don’t forget to look at exhaust, suspension, chains and sprockets.

Basically you just want to do a good once over, especially since the bike has been sitting for several months.

Make sure you have your safety gear. Helmet, jacket, gloves, glasses, boots, pants, and addition to keeping your rain gear close if you can.  (That rain can sting.) 

Protect Yourself & Others 

Now that you have protected yourself and your bike by working through the checklist. Now you need to protect yourself from others on the road with INSURANCE.

When selecting insurance, make sure you choose coverage that protects YOU and your MOTORCYCLE. Never settle when it come to protecting yourself or the things you love. No matter how safe of a rider you are, it is the other people you have to worry about.

Protect yourself and your assets. You are worth it. Talk to your agent to see what is best for you. Or give me a call and I will help make sure you and your bike are protected!  

Now that you have gone over the checklist and purchased insurance, it is time to give your baby (BIKE) a good cleaning, because a clean bike is a happy bike.


AND RIDE!!!!!!!!