6 Tips for A Safer Firework Celebration

6 Tips for A Safer Firework Celebration

| June 25, 2019
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Fourth of July is just around the corner and the country will celebrate it's freedom with food, family, friends, and fireworks! Before you light up the grill, consider these 6 tips for a safer firework experience.

  1. Adult Supervision.  Have one or more adults supervising when setting up and lighting fireworks.  Helps keep the monkey business at a minimum and a more enjoyable experience.  No one wants injuries to take away from the celebration!
  2. No Glass or Plastic Containers.  When setting up bottle rockets, mortars, or other fireworks, place in or leaning on a brick or concrete block (non-flammable)  with the fuse side down.  This will provide more support and direction for the fireworks.
  3. Point Away.  When handling fireworks, always point away from yourself and others.  Teenagers may be more apt to want to point the lit bottle rockets at each other, but this could cause serious injury to face, hands, or other places on their body.  Discourage this behavior. 
  4. Run Away.  Once lit, run away from the firework and do not return to it until it has gone out or fired off.
  5. Lend A Hand.  Younger children want to get involved with the fireworks, and are known to be provided the "less" dangerous sparklers to play with.  Adult supervision may be required depending on the age and maturity level of the child.  Always extend the sparkler out to the full extent of one's arm to avoid potential burns or sparks.
  6. Pets.  Be aware pets may need to be placed inside home or secure location to keep them safe.  Loud noises potentially can frighten your pets and they can either run away or injury themselves.  Secure them away before starting your celebration.

Fireworks can be a fun way to celebrate. By keeping these tips in mind, you, your friends and family can enjoy a wonderful time, topped off beautiful lights across the night sky.

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