5 Facts You Never Knew About A Beach Person

5 Facts You Never Knew About A Beach Person

| June 28, 2021
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Summer is finally here and with it comes the decision of destination.  Will you choose to stay-cation at home, climb mountains or settle down basking in the warm sunshine of the beach.  

Do You Identify As A Beach Person? 

Here are a few characteristic traits:  

  • Carefree
  • People-person
  • Easygoing
  • Mellow
  • Unhurried
  • Casual

What Activities Soothe Your Soul? 

If you have identified with a few of them, let's take it to the next step.  What activities do you gravitate to? 

  • Spend time with family. 
  • Fishing
  • Sunshine
  • Sun-bathing
  • Sounds of the beach; waves crashing.
  • Enjoying smelling the various odors - even suntan lotion.
  • Watching sunsets.
  • Visiting new restaurants.
  • Tasting new juices.
  • Enjoying the many seafood options

Ready For A Commitment

Now that you have found you are 80 to 100% a beach person, have you dreamed of buying an investment property or even finding a bit of real estate and settling down in your very own coastal bungalow or skyrise condo? 

Consider a few insurance terms you should become familiar with:

  • Coastal.  Land relating to, bordering on, or located near water; particularly tidal areas.   
  • Flood Insurance.  While this is not included automatically in a homeowner policy, one can include this protection on a separate policy even if the home is not in a flood zone.  If the house is in a flood zone and is being financed, the mortgage company can require you to carry this protection.  Keep in mind it takes 30 days for the policy to become active; and once a storm is named, you will need to wait until the storm passes.  
  • Earthquake Insurance.  Depending on fault lines in your state, you may want to consider including adding to your home policy. 
  • Wind and Hail Insurance.  This insurance provides protection against hurricanes, tornados, and other high winds and hail.  
  • Consultative Insurance Group.  We want to be your coastal insurance agent.  We understand coastal needs and will help you make your insurance dreams of becoming a full-time or part-time beach person easier! 
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