3 Easy Tips On Decluttering

3 Easy Tips On Decluttering

| November 16, 2020
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This concept of living in a "tiny house" seems great, but let's be real -- I have too much stuff that I have stored in closets (particularly) that I am not certain I would want to part with!  I like the idea of tiny house and I do enjoy the minimalist style as well, should the tiny house not work out.  Being sentimental can be a hindrance when it comes to letting go of stored treasures.  Many times we may attach memories of loved ones or friends with tangible items, and just can't seem to let them go (even when we should).  But I have a 3 step plan to help reduce the clutter.  

1) Baby Steps

Schedule a day to commit to one location (yes, put on your calendar, phone, or reminders) Commit to one project, but instead of saying your one project is cleaning out the entire house of all the items you do not need, start small.  Start with the favored "junk drawer" (you know you have one), and remove all the items from the drawer, wipe down the empty drawer, and then the fun begins.  

2) Categorize

Make 3 piles -- Keep, Trash, and Donate. Put the items in the "Keep" pile back into the space in a more organized fashion. For "Trash" and "Donate," it is important to get those items out of your home as soon as possible.  Bag those items up for easy transporting to your local recycling center and charity/thrift shop.

3) Repeat

Once you finish this project, it's time to move onto another project! Try another drawer or go for cleaning out a closet!  Slowly but surely, your home and/or space will get more space.  Be cautious and not buy into the sales and deals of the upcoming season--else you will find yourself repeating the same steps! 

I believe one of the reasons I enjoy going on vacations, is the space is usually decorated in a sparse but functional.  It always seems to encourage a calming, rejuvenating space.  By simply following the 3 steps above, your home could provide a more calming atmosphere as well.  It just takes a little "elbow grease," planning and it will happen! 

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