2019-2020:  What Did You Learn?

2019-2020: What Did You Learn?

| June 04, 2020
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One of these things is not like the other

The differences between 2019 and 2020 have been vast – I mean, who would have ever dreamed about the challenges we have faced with 2020! We have learned some interesting things for sure!

Social distancing to help prevent obtaining or spreading the Coronavirus. I don’t know about you, but it still seems odd to me that this is a valid measure. On one side it is beneficial, yet on the other it is creating a distance between humanity.

Schools canceled for the rest of the spring.   While this sounds like a great thing, it left many parents, grandparents, and guardians in a pickle – homeschooling became the norm. On one side it is beneficial for the kids to have one-on-one learning, yet on the other side, the teachers may have been challenged!

Shortages of face masks, toilet paper, and other cleaning supplies. Still not sure I know about the toilet paper – why there was such a shortage and still can be! Cleaning Supplies and face masks are a little more understandable – wanting to sanitize your home or business to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The beneficial side of the shortages have really brought out communities helping communities. I have witnessed many folks making facial masks for healthcare organization who had run out of supplies, their friends, their community.

Our Team

I reached out to a few team members to find out some of the most beneficial things they have learned either in 2019 or during quarantine. Here are their answers.


Set sound priorities and complete more important tasks first.

When someone upsets you, try to stay calm. Do not add fuel to the fire.




Always be KIND to one another.



Patience was my first thought.

Try to treat others as you would like to be treated!!

We never know what all somone is going thru. One of my customers has lost two of his brothers to the virus and the other one is in the hospital.

Need to realize how blessed we all are!!



It is possible to be completely paperless. I haven’t printed but one thing in a couple of months. Gotta save the planet.



Personally, some of the most beneficial things I have learned:

I have found during the quarantine the birds voices seem to be a bit louder than I remembered.

Working in my flower beds – creating and planting new plants – has been one of the highlights during the quarantine period. To find myself outside, with the cooler breezes, listening to the birds, and watching the lizards move around.

Having the technology (Facetime, social media, telephone, email, Zoom, etc) to connect with others during quarantine and the ability to work remotely.


Many companies and clients were and continue to be resiliant in their ways of conducting their businesses and lives as we come out of this pandemic with its strange new normal. Consider what you have learned and what changes (if any) you can make to improve/better your life.

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