10 Mistakes Not To Make in 2021

10 Mistakes Not To Make in 2021

| January 04, 2021
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Here are 10 mistakes not to make and simple solutions to get in better shape in 2021:

  1. Before doing a useless detox cure, start by not drinking 2 bottles of wine a week just to see!
  2. Before hopping on a Keto train and cutting your carbs at 100%, start by cutting the sugar and refined grains just to see!
  3. Before doing temporary fasting, start with a fast food fast for more than 24 hours (that includes Starbucks!!)
  4. Before going vegan for "health," start by eating more fruits and vegetables and less hyper-processed foods!
  5. Before you embark on a super intense transformation program, try to just keep the discipline to train 3-4 times a week for more than 30 days!
  6. Before you buy the 'bulletproof' crap for increased energy, try to sleep more than 5 hours a night!
  7. Before you lock yourself into a gym membership, do bodyweight exercises (pushups/lunges/squats/hip thrusts/planks) at home 3-4x @ 30s each with little rest in between.
  8. Before you slash your calories or cut out certain foods from your diet, look to ADD healthier substitutions to your snacks/meals such as protein + veggies.
  9. Before you equip yourself with the whole Herbalife range, start by just eating better and moving more....you will have exactly the same results without having to spend $$$ on cheap supplements. 
  10. Before you weep that this post is not constructive enough, find yourself a sense of humor and go see the rest of my content, it's super constructive.

In the picture -- me currently at age 40 with no diets or miracle supplements....just proven effective methods and consistency. 

Ryan Osborne, is the owner of Kinesiologist at OZ Coaching. He coaches busy professionals and leaders over 40 transform their bodies to become true #fitleaders. 

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