Home Insurance

Protect The Asset That You’ve Built Your Life Around

Everyone needs a place to call their own, whether it’s a basement condo or a four-bedroom colonial house. But protecting that dwelling with dependable coverage is important, and your best bet is to get the help of an insurance professional. The agents at Consultative Insurance Group are experts at getting our South Carolina and Ohio clients the right homeowners insurance, and we want to prove it to you.

We’re not like the big insurance companies; we look carefully at every situation individually and consult with you to learn about your housing situation. Every home is different, so we’ll take the time to consider your needs and get you the appropriate coverage.

We Have Options For Different Situations

The diversity is part of what makes our areas great; Ohio and South Carolina have every possible kind of housing option, and we have the diverse policies to match.

Consultative Insurance Group can help provide coverage for:

  • Traditional homes and apartments
  • Condos
  • Rental properties
  • Vacant properties
  • Farms
  • Homes under renovation or construction

Owning any kind of property inherently comes with a high level of liability, so we offer umbrella insurance to protect you in the event of an extra-costly claim. Our agency also offers flood insurance to protect your property from the powerful wrath of Mother Nature.

If you’ve been renting an apartment or condo without renters insurance, you’re putting yourself at risk at losing all your possessions, even if you live in a safe neighborhood. We can provide you with a renters policy that can properly insure your valuables, and is probably cheaper than you think!

Don’t wait to get the home insurance that your home needs. Give Consultative Insurance Group a call at 800.886.0305 to find out about our coverage options or stop by one of our locations to meet us today.