Builders Risk Insurance

Take Care Of Your Risk With Dependable Insurance

In 2010, two reputable insurance agencies decided to join forces to give their customers the maximum amount of knowledge and the best service possible. The result is Consultative Insurance Group, an agency that is fully committed to our customers. If you’re in the contracting / construction industry and you’re looking to fully protect your business, you will probably want a builders risk policy. If the building you’re working on is damaged, it can help you handle the liability.

We’ll Take The Time To Help You

Our agency is called Consultative Insurance Group for a reason; we make sure to sit down and consult with each and every customer before making a decision. We’ll talk to your about your commercial situation, whether you’re a self-employed contractor or own a construction company.

When you need to insure the things you’re working on, come talk to one of our experienced agents. We are proud to provide the kind of consultative experience that other agencies just can’t offer. The details involved in a builders risk policy can be confusing; many projects require them, and they can either be purchased by the contractor or the building owner. We’ll take the time to explain everything to you.

Even you’re the most careful contractor, you could probably use a dependable builders risk policy in your overall insurance package. Consultative Insurance Group can help you decide if it’s something you need to purchase. To get the protection you need on the job, give us a call at 800.886.0305 or stop by one of our many offices throughout Ohio and South Carolina. If you’d like an idea of our pricing, get a free, no obligation quote by filling out the form. Don’t let your liability on the job leave you behind.