On The Road with CIG – June

by measler

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Consultative Insurance Group team participates in casual Fridays.

With a $1.00 donation, team members can wear jeans on Friday.   This small donation is collected from participating team members each week, and will go towards the annual end-of-the-year food drive donation to local food pantries.  In January, all donations collected will be matched by our CEO, Ron Smith.   Total funds collected are used to purchase non-perishable items, such as small laundry detergent containers, dry goods, and canned goods.  These purchased items are then donated to local food pantries in South Carolina and Ohio.

During the month of June, we introduced “Food Drive Fridays” to our agency team, as a fun alternative to donate non-perishable and canned goods instead of paying $1.00 to wear jeans.

All donated items pictured were given to local food pantries.


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