3 Simple Ways to Get Back on Track with Your Resolutions

by zywaveblogger

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Just like so many other resolution warriors, you religiously went to the gym for the first two weeks of 2017. Nothing could stop you, as workout led to workout, and you were well on your way to meeting your fitness goals.

Fast forward to today and it’s Feb. 1, and you haven’t stepped foot in the gym in weeks. Is it possible to get back on track and still meet your goals? Read on to learn how you can meet your fitness goals and other resolutions this year.

Use a Goal-tracking App
Your smartphone can be a great tool to help make your resolution a reality. The app store on your smartphone features many free and paid apps that can track your progress and results.

A few examples of goal-tracking apps include MyFitnessPal (health and fitness), Mint (financial), HabitBull (habit tracker), Evernote (organizational), Real Simple (time management) and Duolingo (language studies).

Use your phone to stay organized and track your resolution progress with these apps. Even just using one of these apps can set you on a direct path to accomplishing your goals.

Have Others Hold You Accountable
Nobody said that accomplishing your goal was a solo effort, so don’t be afraid to lean on others for resolution tips and tricks. Have a serious conversation with a family member or close friend about your goals for the year and what you hope to accomplish.

Having others hold you accountable will make it harder for you to make excuses. Your support team can give you advice, as they may have worked toward a similar goal in the past. They will also be there to encourage you and check in on you along the way.

Aim for Small Steps
It’s often hard to get started on goals when they are big, such as losing 20 pounds. Instead, focus on accomplishing smaller parts of your overall goal. If you aim to lose weight, focus on making small and gradual lifestyle changes toward that goal, such as working out one extra day per week or having a salad for one of your meals each day.

Focusing on the small steps will make your overall goal much more manageable. Celebrate each small accomplishment that you achieve within your goal. The small accomplishments add up over time and next thing you know, you’ve met your goal!

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