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  1. When I grow up, I want to be a _________.

    by measler

    When we were young children, we all had an idea of our future careers, and could easily answer the question “When I grow up, I want to be a ________.” We presented this question to the Consultative Insurance Team, along with “What was your childhood reasoning on that career choice?” Enjoy our results! Our results:   […]

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  2. You Die…Now What?

    by measler

    If you died today, how would this impact your family’s future? Would they know where to locate your will, your important papers, your life insurance company, and other important items? If your answer is inconclusive, this article is for you. Before emergencies occur, remember preparations and conversations are two of the key items to provide […]

  3. How To Receive Free Credit Monitoring

    by measler

    Did you know when you have Identity Theft Coverage with Nationwide Insurance, you are eligible to receive free Credit Monitoring? Here’s how to set up your free credit monitoring: Go to www.nationwide.com/identity Click “credit monitoring” Click the “sign-up” button to go to Nationwide Insurance and Europ Assistance page.  (Europ Assistance is Nationwide’s ID Theft Assist […]

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  4. It’s Hurricane Season

    by measler

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    Hurricane season has arrived and it brings uninvited guests and unwanted luggage in the form of flooding and howling damaging winds. With hurricanes it can be challenging to know how to prepare yourself and your home/business to withstand a spiraling locomotive of nature.  Here are a few steps to help you prepare if one of […]